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Hunt Global Ltd

Hunt Global is a worldwide hunting and fishing tour operator service, based out of New Zealand. They have painstakingly put together what they believe are some of the finest hunting and fishing tour packages available in the world. 

Seeking a global search engine marketing partner who would ensure their worldwide hunting and fishing sites would be found easily, Hunt Global asked us to provide a search engine marketing solution to ensure their site would rank well for hunting and fishing related searches in their target markets worldwide.

With the implementation of Hunt Global's search engine optimisation campaign, Web Rank has achieved scores of top ten positions for the site across the world's most important search engines and directories. Below are just a few examples* :

Sample Search Engine Ranking:

# 1 deep sea fishing vacations
# 3 "turkey hunting"
# 4 deep sea fishing trips
# 7 guided fishing trips
# 2 deer hunting trips
# 3 pig hunting Australia

# 3 deer hunting pictures
# 4 deep sea fishing vacations
# 6 fly fishing pictures
# 1 fishing techniques and hunting
# 1 black marlin fishing
# 1 Canadian hunting trips
# 2 deer hunting trips
# 7 hunting pics

# 6 fishing techniques and hunting
# 10 deer hunting pictures

Ask Jeeves
# 4 deer hunting pictures
# 3 deep sea fishing vacations
# 2 fishing techniques and hunting
# 6 deep sea fishing trips
# 2 duck hunting pictures

# 4 deer hunting pictures
# 4 deep sea fishing vacations
# 2 fishing techniques and hunting
# 10 black marlin fishing
# 4 Canadian hunting trips
# 2 duck hunting pictures
# 9 pig hunting Australia


Yahoo New Zealand
# 1 deep sea fishing vacations
# 1 turkey hunting
# 2 Australia outback
# 1 hunting Australia
# 1 deep sea fishing trips
# 3 guided fishing trips

# 1 pig hunting Australia
# 3 duck hunting in New Zealand
# 5 duck hunting pictures
# 1 "deer hunting pictures"
# 8 deep sea fishing vacations

# 5 deer hunting pictures
# 5 "fly fishing pictures"
# 2 fishing techniques and hunting
# 4 black marlin fishing
# 2 Canadian hunting trips
# 2 quail hunting trips
# 7 hunting pics
# 6 marlin tuna fishing

# 1 marlin tuna fishing
# 8 hunting pics
# 4 whitetail hunting trips
# 2 deer hunting trips
# 1 Canadian hunting trips
# 4 black marlin fishing
# 6 fly fishing pictures

# 3 "deep sea fishing vacations"
# 4 Canadian hunting trips
# 8 quail hunting trips
# 6 duck hunting pictures

* Please note that these rankings were current as of last month, some variations may have occurred since then due to regular search engine algorithm adjustments.

Remember that these ranking results were achieved even while competing with millions of other web sites targeting the same search terms. So what is the most obvious benefit of search engine optimisation? Traffic! Below is an actual example of the growth in site traffic Hunt Global experienced as a result of their search engine optimisation campaign:

As you can see, within four months of the SEO campaign being implemented in September 2002, site traffic increased by a whopping 160 percent from 4,008 visitors to over 10,300 visitors in the month of January 2003.  What's even better is that all this extra site traffic is highly targeted, having found the site by conducting a search for keywords and phrases directly related to their products and services. As a result, around 50 percent of Hunt Global's business is now coming from the web site - a factor our client attributes to the impact of Web Rank’s search engine optimisation services.

Additional Information

If you'd like to receive an obligation-free quote to help YOUR site achieve high ranking success, Click Here. We will be happy to discuss your specific requirements and tailor a proposal to help you meet your ranking objectives. 

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Client Testimonial:
"Very pleased here with the work you're doing. Our enquiries are definitely up and we seem to have landed a NZ trip as a result of an internet enquiry. We now have 2 people coming to NZ this summer for hunting/fishing - both via HuntGlobal. Thanks very much."
Jean-Michel Jefferson
Hunt Global Ltd



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