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Don't just take our word for it that we achieve great rankings - read some of the things our customers say about us...

"Kalena Jordan and Web Rank turned my web site into one that now receives not only thousands of hits per month but also more importantly quality hits. Case in point, the very first visit to the site after optimisation came from a client who wanted to spend $10 million on equipment utilising our company, and they found us through a search engine!

We currently monitor our site very closely and have found some amazing statistics. Organizations and people from more than 60 different countries visit us, they have used more than 250 keyword phrases to find us and the hits are on the up and up!!

If you really want to transform your web site into one that will be found, then call Kalena at Web Rank."

Michael Brookes-Jones
Law Enforcement Consulting  (View this client's full testimonial)

"Hi Kalena, thanks for the SEO. Sandra and I are very happy with the results and our fears of the stats going through the floor when the doorways were removed was not realized, which we are very pleased about. We also appreciate your flexibility... We have been more than happy with your work and would recommend you to others. Thanks again."

Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson
Managing Directors
BirthNet Pty Ltd

"Very pleased here with the work you're doing. Our enquiries are definitely up and we seem to have landed a NZ trip as a result of an internet enquiry. We now have 2 people coming to NZ this summer for hunting/fishing - both via HuntGlobal. Thanks very much."

Jean-Michel Jefferson
Hunt Global Ltd

"Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done with us on our search engine strategy. Not only have the results themselves been excellent, but we certainly appreciated the time you took along the way to explain the process to us and educate us in terms of outcomes. Looking forward to working with you again in the future."

Penny Blakeston
Marketing Manager
Australian Better Business Insurance

"Looking very good indeed. Referrals also up in the past two weeks. Especially heartening to come up twice on the first page of some search engines. This kind of visibility is hard to get and, I suspect, extremely valuable. Salut".

Andre A. Moore
A Psychotherapy Group in the Village, New York City

"The work done by Web Rank on our site has made a tremendous difference to the number of visitors. We have a 'test drive' facility on our site that is now producing quality new business leads for us. A great investment for any site!"

Stuart Whyment
Managing Director
WCG Public Relations 

"The search engine optimisation carried out by Web Rank has proven to be invaluable. We have seen a substantial increase in both site traffic and quality inquiries being generated direct from our sites. We are now confident that we are competing on an even playing field with our competitors."

Steve Pickering
Brand Manager
Tourism Holdings Limited

"(Staff of Web Rank) have assisted L.J. Hooker with the optimisation of our web site so that it ranks highly in search engines. (Our site) now ranks in the top ten results for many real estate related searches, in some of the most popular search engines worldwide. An increase in traffic to our site has resulted from improved search engine rankings".

Heather Grenville
Manager Dot Com
L.J. Hooker Real Estate

On the whole I am very happy with the majority of our positions...it's quite hard to keep track of things going on with search engines, that's why I'm so glad we're working with you on this!

Sally Schofield
Senior Producer
Winepros International

"I have been really impressed with your work and how prompt you have been with follow-up etc - I didn't have to chase you up once, which meant our client's project was completed very speedily. "

Wendy Riley
Hot Pyjama Productions Ltd

"You should hire Web Rank Ltd without hesitation. They have state of the art knowledge of Search Engine Optimization as well as an adeptness for educating and informing non-technically oriented end users. It has always been and continues to be an unmitigated pleasure to work with Kalena and her associates. I unreservedly recommend them for their high degree of technical expertise, thoroughness and integrity."

Andre A. Moore
A Psychotherapy Group in the Village, New York City

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kalena & Web Rank. We were very pleased with the results and rankings. I was also very impressed by the quick turn around times and proactive / little extras that are given."

Stephanie O'Donnell
Exclusive Journeys Ltd

Hello Kalena,

"Things have settled down and we come up No 2 all the time. When we type in Maori concert and haka dance we pop up right at the top... We will recommend you as you really did do a great job. Thanks a million."

Regards Gill and Barry Gillette
Westminster Lodge

"We are extremely happy with the results that Web Rank achieved for us. In the last week, visitors have jumped from 1,800 2,000, to around 3,000 a day, which is great!"

Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson
Managing Directors
BirthNet Pty Ltd

To see successful search engine optimisation case studies for some of the above clients, Click Here. To request an obligation free quote for YOUR site, Click Here.

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