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5 August 2003

Dear Kalena,

I have been dying to write you this testimonial after what I would describe as a total turn around in my business and all that success goes to you and Web Rank.


Feature Testimonial from Law Enforcement Consulting

Back in November 2002 I contacted a web designer and asked them to build a site. I had no idea what was involved, how it was to be constructed, how it would be found by my prospective customers, hosting and a myriad of factors. I like most people have no idea about web sites or their construction.

I seriously had the belief that once a site was built and submitted, as long as the site contained text, which I believed people would find, it would be just a simple case of watching and waiting. Well I waited and watched, It was just like waiting for clothes to dry in the rain but not as fast.

Five months later I had received two email enquiries from the site and a total of approximately 300 hits, there were even less visits. Most of these were from people I had directed to the site, in fact I had an analysis feature which clearly and shockingly revealed that no more than five people had found the site via search engines in those five months. My rankings for that matter were non-existent on any search engine.

Being very concerned, I started reading about web sites, web design and site optimisation. I nearly fell over! My site was a total lemon. To be honest, it looked good but 'under the hood' it was a Flintstone power plant in a BMW. Hopeless.

I began the process of learning about why the site was useless. I had to, after all this was, and is, my lively hood so I contacted several Search Engine Optimisation companies. In fact I contacted eight and requested some quotations. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, poured a strong coffee and began to dissect the findings I realised there were some serious problems in my site.

The first problem I encountered was that I had no idea what a frame was, a meta tag, flash tags, JavaScript, ASP, Rich Text, hosting, paid hosting, free hosting, parking, spiders, robots, the list went on and on and I sat up till the early hours keeping Merlo Coffee in business while I studied and tried to understand the technical terms that the SEO companies had used.

Fortunately, all the SEO companies came to pretty much the same conclusion: "Your site is not even ready for submission". So I sat and lamented and decided which one of these companies was going to turn this site around.

Contact was made. I called Kalena Jordan of Web Rank. I found Kalena through Search Engine Watch, (ahhh links are good), and the business relationship began. What a pleasant surprise, someone focused on customer service, attention to detail, and friendly to the ill informed, great knowledge of SEO and someone that I had good feelings about right from the start. It's an old adage about first impressions and Kalena's initial proposal was extremely thorough, understandable, and reasonably priced.

Kalena Jordan and Web Rank turned my web site into one that now receives not only thousands of hits per month but also more importantly quality hits. Case in point, the very first visit to the site after optimisation came from a client who wanted to spend $10 million on equipment utilising our company, and they found us through a search engine! When I tell people that our first major contract worth millions came via a search engine enquiry they smirk, but it's true, and the client was not even in the Southern Hemisphere.

We currently monitor our site very closely and have found some amazing statistics. Organizations and people from more than 60 different countries visit us, they have used more than 250 keyword phrases to find us and the hits are on the up and up!!

If you really want to transform your web site into one that will be found, then call Kalena at Web Rank.


Michael Brookes-Jones
Law Enforcement Consulting

To see successful search engine optimisation case studies for some of our clients, Click Here. To request an obligation free quote for YOUR site, Click Here.

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