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Apart from search engines, other important places that offer a web site submission service are search directories. The most important directory on the Internet to have your site listed in is undoubtedly, Yahoo!. Why? Well Yahoo is still the most widely used search directory on the Internet, with an estimated 70% of the search market. Another popular search directory is LookSmart. While not as popular as Yahoo!, LookSmart  is somewhat important because their database feeds other major search engines and portals including MSN, iWon and AltaVista.

Unfortunately, if you run any type of commercial web site, there is no way to use the submission services of either of these directories except via their express search engine submission options. We strongly recommend you pay to submit your site to Yahoo as part of your web site promotion campaign. It will pay for itself very quickly! As for LookSmart, well, they have changed into a pay per click model. Whether or not you submit your site to LookSmart will depend on how important traffic from their partners is to your site.

Below is an outline of both website submission services and what you get for your money:

Yahoo! Express Submission (Highly Recommended)

With Yahoo’s huge market share and popularity worldwide, it is vital that your site is listed in Yahoo’s Directory. The best way to get listed quickly is by paying the fee for Express Submission. Yahoo! Express is an expedited fee-based site suggestion service for web sites submitted to the Yahoo! directory. A member of Yahoo!'s editorial staff will look at your site, consider your suggestion to include it and respond to you within 7 business days. 

Important: Payment does not guarantee inclusion in the directory, site placement, or site commentary. It only guarantees that Yahoo! will respond to your suggestion within seven business days, by either adding or denying the site. Web Rank are experts at obtaining excellent results for our clients via their Yahoo submission, including popular categories and keyword-filled descriptions. Our fee includes researching and locating the most appropriate category, careful preparation of your site title and description and the submission process itself.

The Yahoo fee is a non-refundable, recurring annual fee to review and list your site. If you want your site to remain in the Yahoo index, you must pay the USD 299 fee annually. Each year, Web Rank will send you an invoice for Yahoo’s recurring fee, a week or two before the anniversary date of your web site submission. Should you not want to pay the recurring fee, we will notify Yahoo accordingly and your site will be removed from the index.

Cost: Click Here for Our Yahoo Express Submission Pricing
More Info: http://help.yahoo.com/help/express/

[Web Rank uses this service for our own site and other clients, with excellent results. However if you already have sites listed in Yahoo, you cannot use Yahoo Express to submit your site again. Instead you must use their Change Request form. The way you submit your site to Yahoo and the title and description used can make or break your listing, so we suggest that you hire a professional SEO to do this or read up carefully before submitting.] 

Looksmart LookListings Small Business

LookSmart.com have taken the recent and highly criticized step of transforming themselves from a Paid Directory model to a Pay For Performance model, removing their Express Submit directory submission service in the process. You now must pay a set up fee and pay again when visitors click on your listing, rather than pay for once for a site review when submitting your site. The "relevancy keywords", title and description chosen during the set up of your listing now determine when your site appears for searches. There is no free submission option to Looksmart and the only way to get your site into their directory is to either pay for their Look Listings or submit your site via the Zeal directory (for non-profit sites only). Currently, these changes apply to LookSmart.com only, not regional directory versions.

Important: Existing Looksmart Express Submit customers have had their sites automatically transferred to Small Business Listings. This means that although existing customers paid a "One Time Fee" of $199 or $299 for a site listing with no set expiry period, they are now only entitled to $300 worth of free clicks at the maximum rate of 100 clicks per month (meaning, unless you pay more money, your site will be only be listed in Looksmart for the next 20 months). 

For those new to Looksmart, LookSmart Listings set up includes:

1) Create Your  Listing for a Set Up Fee of USD 29 which includes:
- site description & title
- "relevancy keywords"
- directory category

2) Set Your Monthly Budget:
- set your maximum monthly budget
- set your maximum click rates for each URL
- your account is debited USD 0.15 per click thru
- minimum USD 45 account deposit

3) Account Management
- traffic reporting
- automatic monthly account refills (from your nominated credit card)
- adjust your budget
- update description, title and relevancy keywords
- bids monitored automatically

Cost: Click Here for Our Looksmart LookListings Small Business Pricing

More Info: http://listings.looksmart.com/  

Click Here for : LookSmart Australia Look Listings
Click Here for : LookSmart New Zealand Look Listings

If you have any questions about our web site submission service for these search directories, please submit your enquiry.

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