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Achieving a high ranking on the internet search engines is like having the best advertising bargain imaginable. Think about it this way: of the millions of searches conducted each day, the sites that appear at the top of the search results essentially get free website promotion services. The resulting visitors to those sites are more likely to purchase products and services since they were specifically searching for that information.

Internet web site promotion tools and services such as search engine optimisation provide a very low cost of advertising with a probable high rate of return, giving you an excellent Return-on-Investment.  

Traffic, Traffic and MORE Traffic

What is the most obvious benefit of search engine optimisation? Traffic! Below is an example of the growth in site traffic that resulted for one of our clients from a recent search engine optimisation campaign:

As you can see, within two months of the SEO campaign being implemented at the end of March 2003, site traffic increased by 96 percent from 27,793 visitors to over 54,500 visitors in the month of May 2003. Within 6 more months, traffic had increased by an incredible 242 percent to 132,088 visitors in the month of October 2003. That's a whopping 475 percent increase in traffic since the site was optimised!

Search engine referrals now account for nearly 20 percent of all site traffic, a factor that can be attributed entirely to the impact of Web Rank’s search engine optimisation services. It's a well known fact that visitors that are already qualified leads are more likely to buy your goods and services.

This is what a lot of webmasters fail to capitalise on: how to use search engines to target their niche markets.

Here's Proof :
A recent study from NPD Group has found that 55% of online purchases are made on sites found through search engine listings, while a mere 9% are on sites found via banner ads.

Are you targeting the wrong keywords? Are your META tags full of non-performing generic keywords such as "web design", "books", "music" etc? Using keyword research, a SEO campaign can help you locate the best search terms to target which will attract more potential customers to your web site.

Web site promotion companies such as ours can ensure you are targeting the right search keywords and capturing your niche markets via search engines. Would you like an obligation-free quotation for us to optimise your site and provide advice on how to make it more search engine compatible? Then Click Here.

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Customer Testimonial :
"Dear Kalena, 
Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done with us on our search engine strategy. Not only have the results themselves been excellent, but we certainly appreciated the time you took along the way to explain the process to us and educate us in terms of outcomes. Looking forward to working with you again in the future."
Penny Blakeston
Marketing Manager
Australian Better Business Insurance



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