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>>  Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimisation?

Here are some excellent reasons:

  • Major search engines attract more distinct visitors than almost any other Web site. Yahoo! alone boasts 65 million registered users!

  • 85% of all Internet user sessions involve someone browsing at a search engine*. Your search engine ranking determines a major slice of your site traffic.

  • Research has shown that users hardly ever go beyond the top 30 search engine rankings for a single search. It is estimated that the top 30 results receive over 90% of search traffic*.

  • Consumers use search engines to locate and buy goods or to research many decisions (such as choosing a vacation destination, medical treatment or election vote)*.

  • 68% of people using search engines use 2 or more words in their search strings*.

  • People finding your site via search engines are more qualified targets for your products and services because they have actively sought out your site by typing a search phrase directly related to your site content. It's the perfect web site promotion!

  • A recent U.S. study has found that the World Wide Web contains more than 2.1 billion documents and is growing at the rate of seven million pages per day (source: http://www.cyveillance.com). How do you expect people to find your site?

Another Reason Why :
A recent study from NPD Group* found that search listings are more effective than standard banner or button advertisements when it comes to brand recall, favorable opinion rating and inspiring purchases. 

In unaided recall, search listings outperformed banners and buttons by three to one.
*Source http://www.nua.com/surveys

Search engines should be your very first method of web site promotion. But there's no way to crack search engines. Achieving a high ranking takes a combination of positioning techniques, patience and quality site content.

You need to be very conscious of your search engine positioning. If you're not listed within the first 20 or 30 search engine rankings, you lose traffic, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to. The secret is to use search engine positioning techniques that will rank you higher than your competitors.

Remember cracks for search engines don't exist. The best way to achieve high rankings is to follow the search engine rules. Keep your content useful, improve your link popularity and always monitor your search engine positioning to aim for a higher rank than your competitors.

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Client Testimonial:
Hi Kalena

"Thanks for the SEO. Sandra and I are very happy with the results and our fears of the stats going through the floor when the doorways were removed was not realized, which we are very pleased about. We also appreciate your flexibility and working with us so that we were all happy with what was done to achieve SEO. We have been more than happy with your work and would recommend you to others.

Thanks again".
Catherine Price and Sandra Robinson
Managing Directors
Birthnet Pty Ltd



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